One-Minute Movies: Inspired by Coronavirus and the Collapse of Civilization

I recently made a series of short videos to post on Instagram which I thought would be interesting to try as a video platform. What I like to call my “One Minute Movie Challenge” is an exercise in filmmaking where you tell have to tell a story within the one minute “short video” time limit imposed by Instagram. Let’s face it — even a minute can feel long given the short attention span people have these days! It’s a fun way to hone your editing and storytelling skills!

Most (but not all) of these videos were inspired by the coronavirus pandemic and were made using “found footage” pulled from the Prelinger Archive, YouTube videos, old TV shows, and Hollywood movies. The music is licensed through Audiosocket.

By the way, I stay fairly active on my personal Instagram and Katya Palladina posts every day on hers. Our Baby Seal Films Instagram is the primary outlet for our joint creative work so check us out and follow us!

–Andrew Elizaga

@lumawig5000, @pereplut, and @babysealfilms

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